Haircare Haul & First Impressions!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second part of my haul/first impressions series where I will be talking all about haircare! It isn’t very often that I talk about haircare, however I have collated enough products to dedicate a whole blog post to it!


The first thing that I am completely and utterly head over heels in love with, are my GHD Platinum Copper Luxe straighteners. I put these on my Christmas Wish list that I gave to my boyfriend and he very generously bought them for me. SERIOUSLY, how goddam gorgeous are they?! GHD’s are by far the best hair straighteners and the only ones I will use – any others just don’t do the job even half as well. I wasn’t actually in need of a new pair of straighteners, but when I saw that GHD had released the Copper Luxe range that would be limited edition, I knew that I needed them! Not only are GHD’s incredible straighteners, they also curl hair amazingly too! They are pricey, but I see them as more of an investment as they last for such a long time!


For months, I have been searching for the perfect curling wand to create beachy waves. The problem I found with curling wands, was that some barrels were too big, or too small, but I finally found the right one! Don’t get me wrong, I love the affect my GHD’s give when I curl my hair with them, but sometimes I fancy something a bit different. The Mark Hill Pick & Mix Curling Wand is amazing… you buy the handle, and then buy the barrels you want separately, so you don’t have to buy a whole new curling wand every time you fancy a change! I picked up the medium sized barrel which is perfect for my hair, and in my opinion, would be ideal for all hair lengths. These are super affordable too, and such good quality! I can’t believe I have never tried Mark Hill products before, and I can’t wait to try out some of the other barrels too! I would most definitely recommend! I may also do a blog post/YouTube video, showing how I do my hair with these!


The most important thing to remember when using heat, is to use a heat defence spray. The one I have been using lately is the Lee Stafford Heat Protection Shine Mist. I absolutely love Lee Stafford products, and this one is no different! This gives hair a really lovely shine, as well as protects against heat damage. It doesn’t leave hair feeling sticky, or crunchy, or greasy like some other heat defence sprays I have tried. And like all Lee Stafford products, it smells in-cred-ible!


For Christmas, my Auntie bought me the L’Oréal Professional Mythic Oil Shampoo for normal to fine hair, Mythic Oil Masque for fine hair, and the Mythic Oil, Oil. I was stuck in a bit of a hair rut; the ends of my hair were dry and my hair just looked dull and lifeless and nothing seemed to be helping – until I tried these. My hair has never looked so smooth and shiny and has completely restored the condition of my hair. The shampoo isn’t at all drying and the masque is super nourishing (a little really does go a long way!). I apply the oil once I have towel-dried my hair, before I blow dry and it leaves it feeling super soft and silky and not at all greasy! I will 100000% repurchase these products when I have run out, and now I want to try out more from the L’Oréal Professional ranges. I cannot praise these products enough!


The final thing, is possibly slightly boring, but is something I couldn’t live without nonetheless. For those of you that have never tried a Tangle Teezer, you are seriously missing out! They are expensive when you think it is just a hairbrush, but I have never known a brush to get through knots and tangles so easily and pain-free! If you have naturally straight hair, or hair that doesn’t get that tangled, you may not see the full benefits of one of these. But, as someone with naturally wavy, and slightly frizzy hair, a Tangle Teezer works absolute wonders! I also have the larger one, but the smaller, handbag sized one is brand new and perfect for when I’m on the go. I would not be without them!


That is all for my Haircare Haul and First Impressions and I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like and follow for more!

Next up: Make Up!


Meg x

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